Dreams (Apparently) Do Come True!

When I was in high school, months before graduation, I attended a self-motivation seminar. My school decided to have the seminar in order to boost the students’ motivation prior to National Exam and College Entry Exam. It then becomes a tradition of my school until know. Long story short, the memories of those three days were hazy in my mind right now, except for one thing.

At the end of the seminar, we were asked to write our dreams in a piece of paper, as detail as it could be. The paper then were sent to our parents with a personal note from a teacher. I still remembered that I couldn’t careless to show it to my mom at the that time, so I opened it and just showed the letter, and I got to keep the dream paper. I hold into that for so long, it had been traveled with me to whenever I go.

When I moved to my rented accommodation in college, I had a board which I put anything that I believed have memories for me. Photos from childhood, random tickets from cinema, and my dream paper made the list. I put the dream paper in very first layer, so that anytime I had something new to be put on, it disappeared in the background. Until the day I moved out. I re-read the paper and I realized how some things that I wrote have became true and some were waiting to be realized.

Then I moved to Seoul. Different board, different things. But the dream paper always in the background. Last year, I packed all my stuffs and moved back to Indonesia. I re-read the paper again and the same feeling appeared. That I decided my journey when I was 17. Not everything went by the 17 years old David, but the optimism of 17 years old David has put me where I was at that time.

Fast forward to last week. It was a rough week at work. I’m not sure that I have this downer David cycle in me, but I’m not having it. Then after everything got better by yesterday, I just realized that maybe the 17 years old me could teach me a lesson. David at 17 has dream, big dream. David in 26 seems to give up, rests everything in the moment. plays safe, and sucked into the life of salary men.

So, I believe that this is the time to bring back my dream paper. To remind me what it is all about and why it is worth fighting for.

I have to dig deep into one of my suitcases, have a board, and stick the paper as a reminder: that dreams of 17 years old David do come true, and it there’s so many things, great things, that I can accomplished in coming years.


After watching 2 Sondheim’s musical in a row.

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5 Months of Being A Real Adult

Last March I moved to Jakarta after I scored a trainee-ship program in the largest PR firm in the country. Living with my parents for 8 months after went back from grad school was fun. I guess that was the longest period I stayed with them after moved to Bandung in 2007. But, as I am no longer a kid, mind you that I am 26 this year, there is a sense of pride and responsibility that I need to hold to. 26 in majority part of the world will consider an adult. Heck, if I grow up in the States, my parents might consider 17 as adult.

So it has been 5 months that I consider myself an adult. Yes, I moved to another country when I was 23 but that was for education. I consider myself an adult because now I have a job, a real job, paying my own bills, and take full responsibility for my action.

Being 26 and work professionally for the first time is hard. Most of my friends already work for 3-4 years and their careers are now in the “sweet” position, Manager, supervisor, even some of them change their job because their job experience pay off. But me, I have to start in the bottom of the ladder. One thing that might be different is that I already got my master degree, which some of my friends are working on it right now.

Having a 9-5 job is kinda new for me. I have to navigate and learn what’s right to do in my job. Let alone that big proportions of my job deal with something that I haven’t learned before. There you go my ego, my sense of knowledge, and my degrees. When the three months period of the trainee program hit me, I had this moment of rethought of everything. Whether I want to stay at my current job or I might asked the office to transfer me to different department.

Then here’s come the adult inside of me: a little change in my life right now will make a huge different. Asking HR to transfer me means that I have to start from scratch again, learn everything from zero, which ain’t cute for a 26 years old man. The only compromise for that will be in the situation that I move to different industry or different office. So I accepted the firm’s offer and I have been work in the same position for 5 months now. I start to like the responsibility that I have. Yes, sometimes I feel bored or frustrated but these kind of things aren’t obstacle anymore.

I have to say that 5 months being an adult taught me more than years that I spend for my education. Just like somebody said: life will give you lesson. And in my case lesson to be a gentleman.


August 23, 2015. Sunday. Sleep. Zzzzz.

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The Big Boys’ Job

Does anyone ever miss me? Hello? Hello?!

Well, I am back.

When I wrote my last post, I promised myself that I would the new one when I started to work. And that didn’t happen until two weeks ago. So let me give you the shortest version of “How David Get A Big Boys’ Job”.

After I landed in Jakarta last September, yes the last year September, I realized that I could realize my dream since high school this year. Then I started the series of trip to the capital to chase my dream and ended up broken-hearted, yet again, on new year’s eve. Mind you that I was in Saudi Arabia at that time, with my family, on a trip. Reality was not just slapped me hard, but also punched me in the face, and kicked my ass off. The fact that most of my friends and family believed that I would got the job made me even worse. I believed that I let them down, more than I let myself down.

So I started 2015 with no job, no money in my bank account, and another phase of uncertainty. Mind you that I spent almost six months only to work for that particular dream. Yup, this guy didn’t even send one resume in six months period. Good job, David, you punk!

Then it came the most daunting months in my adult life, the pressure that I put myself on that I had to have a job, as soon as possible. No no no! Not a random job that I took only for the sake of doing it, but something that I should proud of doing, have a passion at, pays well, and have a future for me.

The last time I checked my excel files, I sent more than 60 resumes, and let me tell you something that I have been rejected almost every week. From the one that I am glad to be rejected to the one that I wish that I got the job. I put myself out there. NGOs, companies, agencies, embassies, anything that I believe I could do. An nothing happen.

Until sometimes in March when I talked to my parents that I might consider to take yet another, probably unpaid internship, in an agency that my friend used to work for. The reason that I have my conversation was because I was sure that if I got the internship, I would ask my parents to support me at least for the next three months.

I send my resume one afternoon, got a reply in the next hour, should go to the office for an interview the next day, and got the spot couple days after that. And started work by the end of March.

So here I am, in a Saturday morning, American Idol on my TV (yes, I have a TV in my rented room! How cool is that?), not yet take a shower, enjoying my coffee while writing this, in my overpriced rented room in an affluent neighborhood in the capital.

David FINALLY got his Big Boys’ Job!



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#RANT: It’s So Humid I Can’t Even

Let me introduce the newest thing that might come up several times in this blog: #RANT, where I can get all the shit out in social media. It can be about anything, anyone, any moment in my life. To put it in a simple way: just another digital trash that I might produce. Well, there’s a reason behind that which is the fact that I like my rant on Twitter but it has limitation. And I don’t like serial tweets, except for #baladasuwonbandung or #VeritasLuxMea or #VloggingSK. So, to blog about #RANT is the only option.

Let’s get started!


Yes, you read it right! For someone who is already spend three summer in Korea, I really hate it. I might give you statement like I love Korean winter more than summer in an extreme summer day. And for a boy that comes from tropical island, that’s a major statement. 

But let me get this straight. I like summer in term of bingsu, Korean dessert that only available in summer time. And I wait all year long for summer sale. But the crazy humidity that Korean summer has, I can’t even. 

My first summer was in 2010 and it was okay. I spend most of them in my air-conditioned room or strolled around Suwon with my friends and the fact that I left Korea before the highest humidity on that year helped me to create a certain image that summer in Korea is awesome. Oh, and the fact that I was here for just summer school, with a lot of trips involved, is the other reason for that. 

Last year was my second summer and it’s not that bad. I handled that without AC or anything. I guess because I flew home in mid August and the hype of spend the rest of my holiday with my family blurred my judgement about summer in Korea.

But, boy oh boy! This year finally I let it out. I HATE IT. IT’S SO HUMID I CAN’T! It makes me sweat a lot. And sticky. And smelly. And not okay! I try to stay in my new place as long as I can because it has AC, but well I need to go to someplace too and that’s when it all crumble. 

The image of great summer.

Spend the day on a beach and looking for gorgeous babes.

Sipping ice tea in a cafe while read a book.

Shopping on Myeongdong until I bleed my wallet.


I have enough!

So it’s actually a great thing that I will get over Korean summer in about a month when I leave this country for good.

But, that means I will miss Korean Fall? Oh. God.

That’s all. I feel better now, because I don’t have to do anything today and my air-con is awesome. 



August 2nd, 2014. GIVE ME ICE CREAM!

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Facing “Reality”

Reality slaps me hard, not once, not twice, but many times in many places.

So as you know, or as I mentioned before, that I finished school this semester. It means that I will move back to Indonesia very soon. I still have one and a half months before my departure and realities start to kick my ass. 

About job situation. Never have I ever imagined that I want to have a job, a decent job, as soon as I finished school. Two years ago, I applied for several vacancies and almost got hired but decided to go back to school. This time around, there is an urge inside me that tell me to do the job application process as soon as possible so that I can work as soon as possible so that I don’t need to be a burden to my family as soon as possible, not like two years ago. Since THE JOB that I want to apply is not available today, I need to figure out what I want to to at least for one and a half years from now, Sure, for many people, the principle in getting job is whatever available, but for me, and the fact that I spend extra two years in Master program, it is about to find the position that will benefit from my experience and my training as well as can pays my bills. So, anyone who know some position that I might be interested in, please hook me up! 

In my personal life, reality slaps me hard too. I don’t want to talk it in detail because it is so complicated and involve a lot of people that I love. Bottom line is, I do know what prepare for the worst really means, now. Life is a cycle and an unfinished adventure. You might find something that make you happy and the next day life looks like hell. But hang in there. This might grown you into a better person, a decent person, a mature person. 

On the other hand, I am in a condition that I miss my home. Mom already asked me when I will finish all my business here and come home. When I read the message, it broke my heart. The fact that I spend most of my days here doing nothing while waiting for my diploma is suck. I prefer to be at home, with my family. And I just realize, this might be it, the reason why I want a job so badly right now. Not because the idea of getting pay, but the idea of doing something productive amuse me a lot. 

Above all, I can’t and won’t escape reality today. Not like two years ago, when the line of what I need to do and what I want to do and what society expect me to do is a blurred one. This time I am fully in charge with my life. This time I will slaps the reality back!



July 14th, 2013. How I become addicted to scented candles?!?!?!?!?!

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I Can See How It Will End

Sunday morning and I have been up for almost two hours. I had breakfast and all, ready to start my day. Ready to face the last 36 hours in my graduate school life, technically.

It’s funny how two years have been passed and I still feel the same like two years ago. Tomorrow, I will have to stand in front of three professors to defend my work, to be criticized, to step a step ahead for my graduation. Two years ago, probably on the same time period, I waited the result for my scholarship, checked my blackberry every two minutes for new e-mail, and had nervous breakdown in regular mode. Today, I am more at ease, more relax, and I don’t know why.

Probably because I come to realize that the only way to give my best for tomorrow is to relax. For the last week, I have been bust my ass off, revised my draft, prepared my presentation and all. So on the last three days, I used it just to relax and had some me time. I’ve started read books other than school’s material. I shopped a bit. I watched movies and TV series, a lot.

And this morning, I can see how it will end. I know that this is the time. For me to realize that two years have gone by. I need to set my timeline, to leave this city, this country, this phase of my life. I need to start packing my things, ship them to my home, find temporary accommodation since I might move out soon, book my flight, say goodbye, and prepare myself for the real world.

I can see how it will end that it might jot be all wonderful and joy and rainbow and glee but I know that these two years have taught me great things. On how to be me, how to manage my financial situation, how to be independent, how to survive, how to learn new things, how to end my bad habit.

I can see how it will end. It will end in a bittersweet note. It’s hard to say goodbye but I should. It’s hard to move on but I have to.



May 26th, 2014. 7:23 AM. Coffee, anyone?

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The Worst Time to Get Cold!

Hello, hello!

So, I spent most of this week in my bed. Well, not that literary just spent the day in bed. I still have to go to school and everything but I am least productive then ever.

Let’s rewind to last Tuesday. On my morning class, I told my classmates that I probably got cold. And some of them said that, “Dude, please don’t give it to me!”. For every person in my class, these last weeks were the most busy weeks of all times. We need to meet with several professor. On top of that, worked hard on classes, pre-mid-term. Some tried to finish the 1st draft for thesis. The point is shit went down!

In the middle of that ‘I-m-not-sure-with-my-health-yet’ period, I have to go to another city, because the company that gives me scholarship held a retreat. Sure I will come and so did I. The fact that we traveled south, to the warmer part of Korea, I decided to bring the most thin clothes ever. Ha! I only brought a jacket, a denim shirt, a cardigan, and 2 t-shirts. Wow, summer for me!

Until I realized that I should walk to the station in Friday night with the wind blew so hard I can’t handle it.

Saturday, on bed. Sunday, on bed and only went out to the Embassy to cast my vote. Monday, only went to class and met my adviser. Tuesday, only went to morning class. Wednesday, almost a day in school.

And today, I feel better, but still need my pills.

Definitely, the worst time to get cold, ever!



April 10th, 2014. 12;28. After did my laundry, a lot of laundry.


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